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What is Spiritual Direction?

Spiritual direction is an ancient practice where a director meets with a “directee” to explore the big and little questions of life and seek God in the midst of it all. The director doesn’t so much “direct” as listen deeply and walk beside you as a companion on your soul journey, welcoming you warmly right where you are, and praying for you and with you as you grow in God’s love and grace. Richard Foster describes it like this: “Spiritual direction is an interpersonal relationship in which we learn how to grow, live, and love in the spiritual life.”


My Experience of Being
a Spiritual Directee

Following the birth of my third child and going on family leave, I followed the suggestion of a friend who said that a spiritual director might help me through the transition. I had many storms swirling in my head and heart. What does one do when they have worked full-time and now will be home? Was I capable of being a “good enough” mother? What should I do about my broken past? What about my anxious heart? Where was God in all of that? My spiritual director listened deeply to me. She asked marvelous questions that led to self-discovery. Many of her words were a healing balm, a gift from God. She prayed for me. She accepted me unconditionally. She helped calm the storms raging within in me. She helped me to be more fully alive. One of my favorite scriptures is Jesus saying that he came to give us life, life in its abundance. Spiritual direction helped me to be more fully alive. I was so thankful for the gift of spiritual direction that I sought my own certificate in spiritual direction so I could pass on the gift to others.


My Practice of Being
a Spiritual Director

I am open to meeting with people from all walks of life, women and men. That being said, I specialize in spiritual direction for women, from teen girls to older adults. As a mother of a child with a chronic disease (Type 1 Diabetes), I also specialize in the soul care of moms and children who are finding God’s presence and way through illness. In addition, I help in the soul care of life’s transitions such as starting college, changing jobs, relocating, marrying, divorcing, retiring, and losing a loved one. I frequently work with people who are experiencing anxiety, depression, or grief. 


Spiritual direction fees are typically $60-$80 per hour; $40 for students. If your are struggling financially, we can discuss a rate that works for you.

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