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Don't Let Your Thanks Get Lost

Tuesday, March 14 Lent Calendar* Invite: Practice gratitude by sending a thank you note to someone.

Paul, who was originally no fan of Christians, ended up traveling the ancient world to tell people about Jesus and start churches. He wrote many letters to those churches. You can find them in the Bible. He had a pattern to his letter writing. Here is the beginning of four different letters that he wrote. Do you notice that pattern?

First, I thank my God through Jesus Christ for all of you…

I always thank my God for you…

We always thank God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, when we pray for you…

I thank my God every time I remember you…

Paul gives thanks for people in his letters. Paul, who cursed Christians in his earlier life, ends up repeatedly giving thanks for the followers of The Way. He models gratitude and in his letters he also advises others to practice gratitude in their own lives.

Every day, I feel gratitude for so many different people and so many acts of kindness and help. I probably don’t say thank you enough. I definitely don’t write my thank you’s enough. I am terrible at writing thank you notes. I have long aspired to be better. The other day when I opened my stationary drawer, I found some thank you cards that I had written, but then failed to send. Today’s Lent calendar is a reminder to send a thank you note to someone. Sending those thanks is good for our own souls as well as for those who receive them. Think of how you feel on both ends… when you are able to give thanks… and when someone tells you “thank you.” Our human nature longs for appreciation.

So today, challenge yourself to write just one thank you note - or more if you want - and don’t let them get lost in your drawer. Or if it’s more your style, send a text or email expressing your thanks.

*Find the daily Lent calendar here; or for the Lent calendar more specific to Ascension Lutheran Church, go here.

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