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 Currently in our garden...

Spring 2024. Our yard is wild and crazy and overgrown after all the winter rains! And with me commuting to the city at least four days a week, I don't have as much time to tend the wildness. But I don't think I have every appreciated our garden more as it is truly a respite for my soul in the midst of busy days and traffic-filled roads. Our summer garden is in the process of being planted. Bit by bit, I get my hands in the dirt.


We got our latest flock from Dare 2 Dream Farms in Lompoc, CA when they were baby chicks. We have had backyard hens for over a decade and love the fresh eggs. Our chickens have an affinity for drinking from the fountain.


I am a big believer in always having fresh herbs for cooking. You can have herbs anytime of year and it also works to grow them inside in the winter for those who live in cold places.

So here is the truth... the garden isn't always pretty. This is dead cucumber plants that I never even finished harvesting. 


We are big morning fruit smoothie drinkers, adding a handful of fresh kale.

Pruning my roses every winter always gives me a pang. 

Yet I know that their health and bountiful flowering depends

on pruning. Of course, this is true in the spiritual life as well.

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