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 Currently in our garden...

Fall 2023. The tomatoes planted last spring are still bearing fruit. The rest of the summer garden, however, has given all of its gifts. We are in the midst of fall planting for a winter garden. The chickens are happy. The flower garden needs some sprucing. The trees need trimming. Spider webs abound and at night, we can watch big, plump spiders spin their webs. Our homestead goes through that not-becoming transition of summer's spent plants to the cleaning up and prepping for winter. In fall, I long for "sweater weather." But in Southern California, there are too many hot days. It is dry and dusty. The stunning fall colors of growing up in the Midwest are something I always miss this time of year. Yet our backyard is still a sanctuary, especially as I commute into the city 4-5 times a week. I am thankful to come home, sit under our big wild shade trees, and breath deep.


We got our latest flock from Dare 2 Dream Farms in Lompoc, CA when they were baby chicks. We have had backyard hens for over a decade and love the fresh eggs. Our chickens have an affinity for drinking from the fountain.


I am a big believer in always having fresh herbs for cooking. You can have herbs anytime of year and it also works to grow them inside in the winter for those who live in cold places.

So here is the truth... the garden isn't always pretty. This is dead cucumber plants that I never even finished harvesting. 


We are big morning fruit smoothie drinkers, adding a handful of fresh kale.

Pruning my roses every winter always gives me a pang. 

Yet I know that their health and bountiful flowering depends

on pruning. Of course, this is true in the spiritual life as well.

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